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Democratizing healthcare data

Data that empowers organizations and drives innovation

Syntegra creates accurate, privacy-preserved synthetic data that bridges the gap between your organization’s data privacy and data science needs, allowing you to take a data-centric approach to innovation in patient care and improved clinical outcomes.

We believe that it’s not only about who can leverage greater use from healthcare data but also how to bring the benefits of data-driven innovation to the patients and populations where data access is especially lagging.

Seamlessly access and share privacy-guaranteed healthcare data

Syntegra employs groundbreaking machine learning models to generate “realistic but not real” synthetic data that matches the statistical accuracy of the underlying data, yet cannot be linked back to any real patients. With our approach, privacy is guaranteed in a way that goes beyond HIPAA or GDPR compliance.


Access patient-level EHR and claims datasets via Syntegra’s Synthetic Data API, enabling frictionless access to representative datasets directly in your work environment.



Annual growth of healthcare data


Healthcare data unused for advanced analytics

6+ months

Time to access healthcare data due to privacy governance

Overcome data-based challenges in healthcare

Remove the administrative burden, time delays and privacy risk from data sharing.

Solutions for Health Systems & Academic Institutions

Open up new opportunities for data-driven innovation and collaboration.

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Solutions for Payers

Analyze and collaborate with easily accessible, fully secure, patient-level data.

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Solutions for Life Sciences

Create the data you need to drive treatment development and commercialization.

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Working together with key healthcare leaders