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Syntegra Knowledge Network

Changing the way we think about sharing and accessing healthcare data

A collective of innovative health systems, research institutions, data organizations and tech companies with the shared goal of advancing privacy-preserved data sharing in healthcare to accelerate research and improve patient outcomes.

Collaborative clinical data sharing is enabled by Syntegra’s synthetic data engine, allowing members to discover new partnership opportunities and easily share data without any privacy risks or governance roadblocks.

Partnering across healthcare

Embrace novel approaches and new ideas

By joining the network, members gain access to:

  • Expanded network of potential collaborators for research and innovation

  • Bi-annual network forum for leaders to discuss successful strategies and lessons learned in adopting new technologies in their organization

  • Development input with Syntegra’s technical team to provide feedback on features and functionality

Join the network

Learn more about how you can leverage the Knowledge Network to empower technological innovation in healthcare

Expanding what’s possible with healthcare data

Learn more about use cases for synthetic data across healthcare