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Unlocking the promise of healthcare data

Moving beyond traditional limitations

The potential to leverage patient-level data at scale to better understand diseases and improve access to new treatments is currently hamstrung by the inability to easily access such data due to ongoing privacy concerns, along with the resulting administrative barriers and limited quality of the data that is accessible.

Syntegra aims to solve these challenges by generating comprehensive medical data that maintains complete patient privacy, allowing organizations across healthcare to access and share data with ease. Health systems, payers, pharmaceutical companies and the health tech sector can leverage the privacy preservation and statistical fidelity of Syntegra’s synthetic data to effectively share important health information with internal teams and external partners, enabling a data-centric approach to patient care innovation.

Easily access, use and share patient-level data

Expanding opportunities for research, discovery and innovation

Syntegra is currently working with leading health systems, payers and life science companies across the U.S., as well as several European-based organizations, to expand their data-driven capabilities.