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Transforming patient data into a driver of innovation

Syntegra empowers organizations to embrace the potential of their data as an asset, rather than viewing it as a barrier.

Barriers to becoming a data-driven organization

Patient data is often a blocker for novel approaches in healthcare, when it should be viewed as a key resource.

Leveraging data to advance internal innovation amid an ever-expanding digital health and AI ecosystem enables significant benefits for both patient care and commercial outcomes. However, the risk of data breaches and the sensitivity of patient data necessitate limited use that is slow and administratively burdensome.

Privacy-preserved data use and sharing

With Syntegra, health systems and academic institutions can create a synthetic data layer across organizations to achieve safe and efficient data-driven care and value.


Accelerate research by easily and quickly sharing statistically accurate data without the need for a full IRB.


Remove the long delays in assessing and implementing external software and analytics by quickly sharing production-quality, synthetic data.


Generate new monetization opportunities with industry partners to accelerate collaborative research aimed at improving 
patient outcomes.


Improve benchmarking efforts without the risk of identifying specific patients or organizations.

Your format, your environment

Working with your current data and IT infrastructure, Syntegra installs its synthetic data engine within your current servers, whether these are a private cloud environment (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP) or physical hardware. There, Syntegra generates synthetic data that maintains the original format of your data, seamlessly enabling use with your existing tools or processes and bypassing the need to redevelop tools you’re already using today.

Synthetic data across healthcare

Explore how others are using synthetic data to drive innovation for patient care and value.

Solutions for Payers

Improve internal and external research capabilities and enable the use of innovative payment models by quickly and easily accessing high-quality, synthetic data.

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Solutions for Life Sciences

Create a new layer of data access and build fit-for-purpose synthetic data customized to answer key research questions with increased data usability.

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Accelerating how treatments reach patients

Connect with our team to explore the possibilities of our platform for your health system.

Breaking barriers to healthcare data access

Learn more about by downloading a sample synthetic dataset.