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The exact data needed to advance clinical research

Syntegra radically addresses the fit and accessibility problems associated with real-world data, enabling the use of fit-for-purpose data.

Barriers to leveraging real-world data to advance R&D

Advancing the development of novel treatments and bringing them to market is often stifled by limited access to the right data.

The use of secondary, or real-world, healthcare data holds enormous potential to help researchers better understand diseases, develop new treatments, and ensure these treatments reach patients. Unfortunately, privacy restrictions, fragmented data sources and limited data availability greatly inhibit the utility of such data for internal innovation and throughout the drug development lifecycle.

Privacy-preserved, built-for-purpose data to accelerate the development of patient treatments

Access, share and create the data you need to drive treatment development and commercialization.


Gain direct access to hard-to-obtain data, such as European or registry data.


Increase cohort sizes for limited datasets, such as rare diseases.


Create custom synthetic data matched to specific characteristics for use in natural history studies, trial design and planning, population exploration and external or supplemental control arms.


Enable collaborations such as value-based contracting with health systems, payers and others by sharing comprehensive, patient-level data without the risk of identifying patients.

The data you need

Syntegra’s synthetic data engine can go beyond your original data by conditionally generating patients with targeted features, enabling the use of data that is built to answer your specific research questions. Augment your data by expanding population size, balancing populations, or normalizing bias. Our ever-expanding AI model can also create new, unified data based on the parameters it retains from millions of patient records across leading healthcare organizations.

Synthetic data across healthcare

Explore how others are using synthetic data to drive innovation forward for patient care and value.

Solutions for Health Systems and
Academic Institutions

Become a data-driven organization by creating a privacy-preserved, synthetic data layer across your organization, opening up new opportunities for innovation and exploration.

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Solutions for Payers

Improve internal and external research capabilities and enable the use of innovative payment models by quickly and easily accessing high-quality, synthetic data.

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Accelerating how treatments reach patients

Connect with our team to explore the possibilities of our platform and data for your organization.