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Unlocking your data’s potential to improve patient access and care

Syntegra empowers organizations to take a truly data-centric approach to innovation, gaining a deeper understanding of their patient populations.

Barriers to using data to drive change for patients

The inability to efficiently and securely share and use comprehensive, patient-level data unfortunately makes data a major blocker of innovation, rather than an asset.

Payers have access to huge amounts of data on their populations, yet the opportunity to leverage this access to become data-driven organizations with novel approaches is blocked by administrative and technical barriers necessitated by privacy concerns. Long review processes, limited access, slow sandbox environments and fidelity reducing de-identification techniques hamstring internal teams and slow collaboration with innovative software and analytics vendors and innovative contracting partnerships with life sciences.

High-quality, privacy-preserved data

Syntegra allows payers to create a synthetic data layer across their organization to easily and quickly access high-quality, comprehensive data.


Increase the reach and benefit of internal population analytics by easily and quickly sharing statistically accurate data without the need for time consuming governance and administrative review.

Full Datasets

Enable use of entire datasets in their native format, not just tabular data.


Accurately and rapidly assess new contracting approaches with industry partners by sharing privacy-preserved data that is representative of your population, not national averages.


Generates new monetization opportunities with industry and academic partners to accelerate improved outcomes across populations.

Data you can trust

Syntegra-generated synthetic data maintains full statistical fidelity of your data, even including the important edge cases and rare cohorts. This statistically accurate, yet fully private representation of your patient population, maintained in the original format of your data, opens up the possibilities for data use across your organization and with external partners. The accuracy of the synthetic data is fully tested and validated against Syntegra’s industry-leading, third-party certified metrics.

Synthetic data across healthcare

Explore how others are using synthetic data to drive innovation for patient care and value.

Solutions for Life Sciences

Create a new layer of data access and build fit-for-purpose synthetic data customized to answer key research questions with increased data usability.

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Solutions for Health Systems and
Academic Institutions

Become a data-driven organization by creating a privacy-preserved, synthetic data layer across your organization, opening up new opportunities for innovation and exploration.

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Accelerating how treatments reach patients

Connect with our team to explore the possibilities of our platform and data for your organization.