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Fast, risk-free, high-quality healthcare data

Enable technological innovation in healthcare with synthetic data

Leveraging both the constantly growing base of data parameters within the Syntegra Medical Mind and our partnerships with leading healthcare organizations, Syntegra provides access to the data you need without traditional administrative delays, privacy risks or prohibitive costs.

Synthetic Data Solutions

If your organization needs access to high-fidelity, patient-level data for research, product development and testing, Syntegra can help. By removing the need for slow, complicated contracting, data delivery is as easy as buying software.

Custom Synthetic Datasets

Custom-built datasets generated from the ever-growing Syntegra Medical Mind, already trained on >10M diverse, clinical records from our network of health systems, payers, pharmaceutical companies and research organizations.

  • Build your desired population, both in size and demographics
  • Scale up and down to fit your needs, increasing affordability

Partner Datasets

Synthetic replicas from Syntegra’s partner organizations, including both EHR and claims data.

  • Access data that accurately reflects real populations
  • Augment limited datasets by expanding populations, normalizing bias or imputing missing data

Commercially available synthetic EHR data

In collaboration with the Institute for Health Metrics, a joint offering of synthetic EHR data can be found on the AWS Marketplace, available now for rapid license and built from approximately six million unique patients from health systems across the U.S.

Make your data an asset without privacy risks

If your organization is interested in leveraging its data as a commercial asset but has privacy or use-right concerns, Syntegra’s synthetic data may be the solution. Syntegra can help you expand your internal data use as well as open up new commercialization opportunities as a data partner.