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Syntegra Partners with Mirador Analytics to Certify Industry-Wide Privacy Metrics for Synthetic Data

Today, Syntegra, a leader in synthetic healthcare data generation, and Mirador Analytics, the leading HIPAA expert determination provider, announced a partnership to certify Syntegra’s metrics for validating the privacy of synthetic data. This partnership is another step forward in both companies’ broader goal of enabling easier, faster and safer access to healthcare data to advance research efforts.

Syntegra is working with Mirador to review and certify Syntegra’s privacy techniques used to validate that their synthetic data fully protects patient privacy, ensuring no patient can be re-identified via the synthetic data. Once the project is complete later this year, the companies plan to publish materials that will support application and understanding of these privacy-preserving techniques for a wider audience to aid industry thought leadership and guidelines.

Syntegra is leading the creation of privacy metrics for synthetic data, enabling synthetic healthcare data to be clearly assessed by any organization within a risk and privacy governance structure they already understand. Through this work, Syntegra and Mirador are paving the way for standard, industry-wide metrics to ensure patient privacy while enabling greater usage and value of healthcare data.

Maintaining patient privacy is paramount, but the industry must discover better ways of securely sharing and accessing patient data to advance the field of medicine, and synthetic data is an important mechanism to address this need. Rather than assuming synthetic data is inherently private simply because it’s synthetic, Syntegra is taking it a further step by partnering with Mirador to certify their metrics. This is particularly important when synthetic data is generated from actual health records.

“Any medical innovation requires evidence, and evidence requires data. To improve outcomes, it is imperative that we find new ways of leveraging healthcare data while protecting patient privacy,” said Michael D. Lesh, MD, founder and CEO of Syntegra. “We’re thrilled to partner with Mirador to help prove that Syntegra-generated synthetic data successfully prevents disclosure of patient information.”

“With the current industry focus on big data in healthcare, the amount of data created in the next three years is expected to be more than the data created over the past three decades. There’s always a residual risk to privacy in data, and with exponential growth expected, we must explore all techniques we have available to us to minimize risk while absorbing the utility,” said Jamie Blackport, CEO and founder of Mirador Analytics. “We’re thrilled to work with Syntegra to help them define better industry standards of synthetic data metrics that we hope to be a game-changer in data privacy protection in the future.”

About Syntegra
Syntegra is unlocking the promise of healthcare data by employing groundbreaking machine learning models to enable low-burden access to high-quality, privacy-preserved data. The result? AI-enabled synthetic data with the potential to dramatically accelerate the development of novel treatments and improve patient care by making data easily shareable without compromising patient privacy. Syntegra’s ever-expanding, pre-trained model — the “Syntegra Medical Mind” — is built from the statistical patterns of data across healthcare modalities, serving the diverse needs of stakeholders in the healthcare industry, including health systems, life sciences companies, payers and clinical research organizations. Syntegra is backed by well-established investment firms, including Sweat Equity Ventures, Hike Ventures, Impact Venture Capital, Village Global, Wisconn Valley Ventures and Innovation Global Capital. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Mirador Analytics
Mirador Analytics supports organizations across the healthcare ecosystem to ensure privacy protection of individuals through expert evaluation of data de-identification and use of proprietary software solutions. Mirador Analytics aims to achieve high levels of privacy for individuals while maximizing data utility to allow for innovation, efficiency, and development in healthcare. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn.

Syntegra Contact:
Lauren McQuatters 

Mirador Analytics Contact:
Eszter Vuity