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Syntegra Partners with TMA Precision Health to Reduce the Diagnostic Odyssey for Rare Disease with Synthetic Data-Enabled Tools

Syntegra, a leader in synthetic healthcare data generation, today announced a partnership with TMA Precision Health (TMA), a StartUp Health platform for rare diseases, aimed at using synthetic data to improve the diagnosis of rare disease patients around the world. TMA will leverage Syntegra’s synthetic data engine to accelerate the building of predictive diagnostic algorithms from the ground up, with a focus on advancing healthcare equity for patients with the highest unmet need.

An estimated 350 million people worldwide are living with a rare disease, many of whom know first-hand the long and difficult road to receiving the right diagnosis and, subsequently, the right treatment. Unfortunately, patients receive a misdiagnosis in approximately 40% of cases, and most rare diseases do not yet have a cure. TMA is already using their expertise to make clinical care more accessible and equitable to identify better treatment options for these patients.

Now, with the development of predictive diagnostic algorithms, enabled by synthetic data and in close partnership with Syntegra, TMA is working to reduce the diagnostic odyssey and accelerate time to diagnosis. With highly accurate synthetic data, they are able to scale their data at a faster pace to build and test the diagnostic models without any risk to patient privacy. TMA is also able to leverage the unique, augmentative properties of Syntegra synthetic data that allows them to expand rare cohorts and generate more of the data they need to build their models, resulting in even greater statistical power to improve accuracy in real-world settings.

“This partnership represents the true mission behind Syntegra: bringing real value and measurable impact to those in need,” said Michael D. Lesh, SM MD FACC, Syntegra founder and CEO. “We’re proud to work closely with the team at TMA Precision Health to leverage the accuracy, customization and privacy-preservation of our synthetic data to accelerate the time to diagnosis for rare disease patients.”

“TMA is 100% focused on creating a better world for rare disease patients; our partnership with Syntegra is a changemaking event in our ability to deliver on our mission,” said Joshua Resnikoff, MS, TMA Cofounder and CEO. “We are incredibly excited to apply the expertise of the Syntegra team to advance our efforts in providing meaningful diagnoses, identifying treatment options, and promoting healthcare equity for rare disease patients around the world.”

About Syntegra
Syntegra is unlocking the promise of real-world evidence by employing a groundbreaking machine learning model — the Syntegra Medical Mind — to enable low-burden access to privacy-preserved and equitable synthetic health data, increasing the value of data for those who have it and enabling access for those who need it. Synthetic data matches the statistical accuracy of the underlying data without linking to any actual patients. Syntegra’s ever-growing model is built from the statistical patterns of structured healthcare data to serve the diverse needs of our customers, including health systems, digital health and life science companies, payers and clinical research organizations. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About TMA Precision Health
TMA Precision Health is on a mission to provide personalized care and health equity for rare disease patients around the world. As a proud member of the StartUp Health army of Health Transformers Moonshots, our globally distributed platform connects patient data from across geographies, powering the next generation of treatment insights by leveraging cohort-level data to enable personalized treatment identification. TMA’s deidentified database of rare disease information is purpose-built to give our pharma partners a competitive edge identifying patients for clinical trials and powering our research partners’ efforts to advance new cures. For more information, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

Syntegra Contact:
Lauren McQuatters