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Data-driven innovation through advanced AI

Advanced language models yield new possibilities for healthcare

Syntegra is the first company to leverage the breakthrough of transformer-based language models in the healthcare space. Our unique approach allows us to generate entirely new patient records which are a statistically accurate representation of all patients from the underlying data, even in complicated longitudinal data.

The Syntegra Medical Mind:
An AI model that learns and grows

Our ever-growing AI model — the Syntegra Medical Mind — learns the underlying statistical distribution of all types of structured healthcare data (including EHR, claims, genomics and more), which are represented as a temporal sequence of medical events. Our model then uses the learned distribution to generate completely new patient records.

The resulting synthetic data matches your original format and maintains all of the statistical properties of the real data, even capturing the rare cohorts and outliers of interest, without the need to retain or continuously access any actual patient information.

The Syntegra Medical Mind continuously learns from every dataset it works with, enabling the ability to gain a better understanding of a disease among specific populations without traditional privacy concerns.

This understanding, combined with our language model approach, allows Syntegra to go beyond the real data to create fit-for-purpose healthcare data:


full datasets, rare cohorts or outcomes of interest.


and correct for data bias to improve algorithmic fairness.


missing values to minimize gaps in the data.

Unlock your data by creating a synthetic data layer

Syntegra builds and maintains a layer of synthetic data across your organization, removing traditional barriers to data access and utilization that slow or inhibit the innovation needed to improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

Syntegra has developed industry-leading metrics for validating both the fidelity and privacy of our synthetic data, giving you the proof you need to put synthetic data to use in your organization.