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Syntegra Partners with the Institute for Health Metrics to Enable Faster and Easier Data Access for Healthcare Innovation

Syntegra, a leader in synthetic healthcare data generation, and the Institute for Health Metrics (IHM), a not-for-profit hospital data collaborative, announced a strategic partnership to advance the use of data at-scale for healthcare innovation. Synthetic data resulting from this partnership marks a first-of-its-kind opportunity to use high-fidelity, patient-level data for the development, testing, demonstration and implementation of innovative technologies, such as machine learning, without the traditional patient privacy risks and associated burdensome governance requirements.

As a key piece of this collaboration, a joint offering of synthetic EHR data from Syntegra and IHM is now available for licensing on the AWS Marketplace. Built from approximately six million unique patients with over five years of history from health systems across the U.S., this synthetic data is a statistically accurate representation of the underlying data, but cannot be linked back to any real patients, meaning customers can share and access it easily.

Beyond patient privacy, Syntegra’s market leading generative approach enables custom augmentation of data, including expanding small cohorts and outcomes of interest, or shifting population and demographic make-ups to improve algorithmic fairness when building predictive models or utilizing other advanced analytics.

“This collaboration is an exciting opportunity to align the shared missions and complementary capabilities of Syntegra and IHM,” said Michael D. Lesh, SM MD FACC, Syntegra founder and CEO. “Access to comprehensive medical data is a major blocker of innovation in healthcare, and we’re looking forward to working with the IHM team to make synthetic data more readily available. The ultimate goal is to enable rapid technology adoption to bring better solutions for patients.”

“We are delighted to be collaborating with the Syntegra team to fully realize the value of clinical data in improving patient care, while reducing the overhead and associated risks that inhibit innovation,” said John H. (Joe) Knowles, Jr. President and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Health Metrics (IHM). “The development of realistic synthetic data promises to expand and accelerate the use of clinical data for numerous healthcare use cases.”

About Syntegra
Syntegra is unlocking the promise of healthcare data by employing groundbreaking machine learning models to enable low-burden access to high-quality, privacy-preserved data. The result? Realistic but not real synthetic data that matches the statistical accuracy of the underlying data, yet cannot be linked to any real patients, making the data easily shareable without compromising patient privacy. Syntegra’s ever-growing, pre-trained model — the Syntegra Medical Mind — is built from the statistical patterns of structured healthcare data across modalities, serving the diverse needs of stakeholders, including health systems, life science and digital health companies, payers and clinical research organizations. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Institute for Health Metrics
For more than a decade, the Institute for Health Metrics (IHM) has been an innovator in the use of real-world data (RWD) in healthcare research, creating the first SaaS Meaningful Use reporting system as well as a purpose built, HIPAA compliant, cloud data repository. IHM data- including extensive clinical detail as well as unstructured notes for studying outcomes and comparative effectiveness- represents community hospitals from across the United States, a unique population often under-represented in medical literature and clinical trials. IHM enables healthcare organizations to create better outcomes through the use of better data. For more information, visit or contact

Syntegra Contact:
Lauren McQuatters 

Institute for Health Metrics Contact:
Tom Gaither